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The Nakoma Club is designated for the use and enjoyment of all Owners at the Windsor Gate Development. In order to ensure access to all facilities for the Owners, exclusive use booking will be limited as outlined below.

Designated rooms may be used for private parties for Windsor Gate Development Owners, Tenants and Occupants only; other rooms may be booked if approved by the Nakoma Club Committee.
The designated rooms available for private rentals include: the Great Room, Activities Room, Theatre Room, and Gymnasium.

No Commercial type activities are permitted.

No individual booking is allowed for any rooms on Statutory Holidays, Dec 24, and Dec 31.

No booking of Outdoor Facilities is permitted. Pools and decks are open to all Owners at all times, unless approved by the Nakoma Club Committee.

Booking a private function does not entitle guests to use of the swimming pool, hot tub or any other amenity room within the Nakoma Club.

Anyone wishing to rent the Great Room must adhere to the following:

An application for the use of Great Room may be made by an Owner, Tenant or Occupant of the Windsor Gate Community.
Owners are required to pay a $200 refundable damage deposit at the time of booking. The $200 will be refunded if there is no damage.

A non-refundable fee of $130 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) or $75 (Monday through Thursday) will be paid by the Owner renting the facility. Two separate cheques must be delivered to the Manager. One for the non- refundable fee of $130 or $75 (as applicable) for the private booking. A second for $200 for the refundable (pending there is no damage) damage deposit.

Owners wishing exclusive use of the Great Room must book the room with the Manager. Owners must sign the application form for the use of Great Room which includes a waiver of liability.

Attendance at Function:
The Owner, Tenant or Occupant must be in attendance at the function, unless approved by the Nakoma Club Committee.

Guest Responsibility:
The Owner, Tenant or Occupant is personally responsible for the conduct of the guests attending their function.
This responsibility is acknowledged and accepted by signature to the contents of this application.

In order to maintain a standard of cleanliness the Owners / Residents are responsible for removal of all garbage and recyclable materials, wiping down tables / counter tops and returning furniture to it's proper place in the room.

Any damage or extra cleaning required as a result of a booking will be charged back to the Owner of the strata lot. The Manager will assess the cost of the repair and advise Gateway Property Management. A charge will then be assessed against the Owner’s account.