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Effective July 1 2021

The following protocols are in place for the safety and protection of all Windsor Gate residents and Nakoma Club employees.  We ask for your cooperation in following the protocols so the Nakoma Club facilities can remain open for everyone’s enjoyment. The Public Health orders in place at any given time will determine the extent to which the facilities are open and the protective measures in place. Although the Nakoma Club will take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we cannot guarantee transmission will not occur in this setting. Risk of transmission is greatest indoors, particularly when masks are not worn, and residents using the facility do so at their own risk.

Health Canada guidelines regarding personal measures for limiting the spread of COVID-19 include physical distancing, self-isolation in the presence of COVID-19 symptoms and/or after high-risk exposure, and personal hygiene such as handwashing and respiratory etiquette. We ask that residents follow these measures at all times. Residents who do not follow the protocols, or put the safety of others at risk, may be banned from using the facilities for the duration of the public health crisis.

Facility Use

  • Only residents of Windsor Gate may use the Nakoma Club facilities (no visitors except on the outdoor terrace).
  • Residents may not bring another person to accompany them in the work out room unless that person also has a booking and is a resident.
  • No personal trainers permitted.

Capacity Limits

  • The workout room will be open with a maximum capacity of 5 people. 
  • The pool has a maximum capacity of 45.
  • Hot tub occupancy: limit use of the hot tub to people within a booking party. 10 minute maximum use for the party.
  • Physical distancing must be able to be maintained at all times from others who are not a household contact.


  • A booking must be made for each person in the party to ensure adherence with capacity limits.
  • Cancel bookings at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The workout room can be booked in 45-minute intervals and the pool in 1-hour intervals. 
  • Residents are required to provide their full legal name, address, phone number, and email at the time of booking to allow for contract tracing if necessary.
  • Residents are restricted to one booking per day for each of the workout room and pool (exception: if there is an available opening following the booked time, on discretion of Nakoma Club employees, the resident may request to extend their booking into the next time slot. Residents will have to leave the gym for cleaning between bookings).


  • Arrive dressed for the workout room or pool.
  • Complete the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Screening Tool prior to arrival https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en 
  • Do not attend if any of the following apply:
    • You have symptoms listed in the COVID-19 screening tool or feel generally unwell.
    • You are awaiting COVID-19 test results.
    • You have had close contact with a person who is confirmed to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
    • You have traveled outside Canada in the last 14 days.
  • Arrive on time and no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled booking.  
  • Wait outside of the main entrance to Nakoma Club until an employee permits entrance.
  • Maintain physical distancing from others at all times while waiting outside and allow sufficient space for people to exit when their session ends.

Amenity Guidelines

  • An employee will open the front door and go through an arrival checklist with each resident.
  • Residents must show proof of address when requested by Nakoma Club employees.
  • An employee will direct residents to the workout room or pool at the scheduled booking time.  
  • Masks must be worn indoors at all times (even when exercising).
  • Proceed directly to the area booked for use – all other areas of the Club are off limits (only the washroom adjacent reception will be available for users of the workout room and the change rooms with a single shower and toilet stall in each for users of the pool).
  • Do not leave belongings in the change rooms.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available and residents are encouraged to perform hand hygiene often. 
  • Residents may not wear gloves as they can create a false sense of security and contribute to the spread of the virus. Frequent hand hygiene is preferred. 
  • Residents must use the supplied disinfectant and paper towels to clean all touch surfaces on workout room equipment and pool area tables and chairs before AND after use.
  • Please do not move tables. 
  • Do not block the stairs into/out of the pool and hot tub.
  • If lounge chairs are moved for members of the same household to sit next to each other, be sure to return the chairs to their position of minimum 2 meters apart after use.


  • Access from outside gate.
  • Do not move tables.
  • Wipe tables and chairs before and after use with provided disinfectant and paper towels.
  • Follow all current PHO guidelines for number of people gathered outdoors, physical distancing, and mask use.
  • Guests allowed only on terrace – no entry to the Nakoma Club building for guests. Washrooms unavailable to terrace users.
  • Please limit stay to 60 minutes if other people are waiting.
  • The BBQ will not be available for use.


*As Public Health orders and restrictions change, these protocols will be reviewed and revised.

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